Early Intervention Program

“I was drinking a fifth of whiskey a day hidden in a cloth covered water bottle, plus two or three cocktails before dinner, four glasses of wine during dinner, and capped off the night with a liquor coffee drink. My family had no idea how much I was drinking until I ended up in the ER with an injury and skin as yellow as a banana—I was jaundiced, had other liver problems, and very high blood pressure. I was admitted to ICU for detox, then went to treatment. Kevin was my counselor and he helped me put the pieces of my life back together, assisting me in discovering how much God loves me—my marriage and family relationships were restored. Today I’m helping others who have alcohol issues.” —Female, 55 years old

“I was in jail again—the third time for a bunch of drug related charges. I was angry and hated everyone. I While in jail I attended an anger management group, a behavioral impulsivity group, and chemical dependency treatment—better than sitting around in the cell block all day! I was challenged by Kevin, my counselor, to ask God to reveal to me just how much He loved me. I’ll never forget —God showed up that night in my jail cell, softened my heart., and gave me the courage to work hard in my treatment groups. After 354 days in jail, I was released. After completing a step study group and working the 12-Steps for another year, I started serving as a sponsor to help others. —Male, 36 years old

“At 24, I thought I had the world by the tail. Then I got a DWI/OVI charge. I spent a night in jail and felt completely humiliated. How did this happen to me? I was the captain of the girl’s volleyball team in college, a really good student. Four or five drinks—and I hit the jackpot. I was devastated, how could I be so stupid! When I went to see Kevin I was met with a great deal of compassion. He never judged me. He cared about me and the future of my life. I learned how to set good boundaries for myself, and how to stay away from abusing alcohol. I am a lot more careful now, and I don’t place myself at risk to use alcohol and drive.” —Female, 24 years old